What to Wear at Someone’s Wedding to Make a Great Impression

When deciding what to wear at someone’s wedding, you must first know what type of wedding they are having. Wear what is best for the occasion and what best fits your individuality, whether it is a casual, semi-formal, or formal wedding.

Dresses to Wear to Weddings

casual What to Wear at Someones Wedding to Make a Great Impression

Lets start with a casual wedding. The relaxed atmosphere calls for a relaxed freeform attire. Do not get fussy. Think about what you like to wear to a an evening out at a nice restaurant. Still dress fabulous, but just not too over-the-top.

semi What to Wear at Someones Wedding to Make a Great Impression

For a semi-formal wedding you get a little fussy and more defined. Fabrics are key to knowing the difference between a casual dress and a semi-formal dress. You want to go with shinier and elegant fabrics. Think of a cocktail dress when dressing for this style wedding.

what to wear at someone’s formal wedding

Unlike a semi-formal wedding, a formal wedding is more glamorous and really fussy. You want to make sure you are looking your most refined and remarkable self. So still put personality in the dress, but accessorize it more with “glitz” and “glam”. This is red carpet time! Whatever you choose always be stylish and “Glam It Up”!

What to Wear at Someone’s Wedding

The trend has been to have unique weddings and unusual wedding dresses, and many are conducted in the open air, such as parks, memorial sites, at lakes or with a waterfall in the background.  Open air weddings are often followed by a barbeque instead of the traditional reception.  Is it okay to wear pants?  Absolutely!  The vogue design in pants are light, loose and patterned.  Pleated waists to make the legs billow lightly in the breeze will tell the other guests you’re on top of the scene.

Casual Weddings: The hemline is going down more than up.  The preferred casual look is generally below the knee to mid-calf, unless you’re under thirty.  Youngsters are still enjoying, short, shiny skirts with patterned or embroidered blouses.  They are also developing a healthy appetite for flounced, gathered-waist dresses, with stiff petticoats underneath to make them flair out.  Whether you’re young, or not so young, ankle-high, healed boots are in style, with cute stockings bare peaking over the top. Semi-Formal Weddings: Below the knee chiffons, silks and overlay lace is making the big hit.  Embroidered tops, off the shoulder dresses or deep vee necks are getting all the wows.  Slinky is good, loose and flowing is better.  Soft pastels are the preferred colors, with plenty of shine.  Jackets should be color coordinated and below the waist.

Formal weddings: Material; lots of material goes into today’s formal attire.  Formal dresses vary from mid-calf to ankle length gowns.  They are loose and billowing, set off by below the knee, wide-sleeved matching jackets.  Throw away the puffy sleeves, the princess look.  Today’s formal attire is long, flowing and supremely elegant.

Silk shirts are in, whether you’re wearing pants, a casual skirt or semi-formal to formal gear.  Silk shirts can be worn with contrasting colors and wide belts. Always pick wedding guest attire ready to impress but ready to give attention where it is due.

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