Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Wavy Hair Style Ideas

simpson Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Wavy Hair Style Ideas

How to advice for wavy hair styles ideas. You can achieve these same celebrity hair dos with these simple steps below.

Achieve shoulder-length waves like Jessica Simpson:

Wet your hair and add a curl amplifying spray, wrap it in Velcro rollers about 2″ in tight curls and air-dry. After removing the rollers spritz with hairspray. Also it is best to use shampoo and conditioner that enhances curls like Pantene.

klum Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Wavy Hair Style Ideas

For rolled sides and long loose waves:

Use a 2.5-inch iron, blow-dry your curls to create a very soft wave, part the hair in the middle, and then roll one side back. Make sure you finish with a mist of hairspray.

Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: wavy hair styles ideas

Go to the blue waters with beachy waves:

Wrap sections of your hair around a 1 ½-inch curling iron and hold it for 15 seconds. With a shine serum, lift the waves by rubbing lightly. Try not to scrunch it and crush the waves.

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