Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Sedu Hairstyles How To

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sedu Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Sedu Hairstyles How To

A great guide to sedu hairstyles how to tips are in the hands of stylist of celebrities. To achieve sedu hairstyles you must first have the right tools. You must have the Sedu ceramic flat iron. This flat iron straightens hair for a sleek and shiny finish. There are several tips to achieving these hairstyles:

1. Don’t use the sedu flat iron on wet or damp hair. You can permanently damage your hair by scorching it.

2. Shampoo and condition your hair before styling. Leave-in conditioners helps protect the hair.

3. Control the heat and try not to over heat the hair

4. For medium-length hair use a Sedu flat iron size of up to 2 inches. Wider flat irons work better for long and thick hair.

5. Work in small sections to straighten evenly

6. Use hair serum on damp hair to prevent frizz

7. Blow dry hair straight using a flat paddle brush; it helps to make your hair straighter after using the sedu flat iron

8. After blow drying with heat, blow dry hair with cold air; to make hair shiny and smooth out kinks.

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