Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: How to Wear a Scarf

scarf Daily Fashion Glam Tip: How to Wear a Scarf

Scarf Tying Guide

Theses photos show how to wear a scarf with examples from celebrities such as Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, and Gwyneth Paltrow. The scarf has become a fashion must have if you want a stylish fall/winter look.

I like the way that Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth pull off the stylish trend kind of wearing it in a looped effect. There are so many fun ways to sport the scarf like how Katie Holmes chose to tie it around her head or Elle Macpherson’s edgy way of wearing a fringed scarf as a belt.

You can also try the new age hat scarf or the tube scarf like what Erika Christensen wore with her little black dress. The tub scarf is already shaped for you to throw on and go without tying hassles. However you choose to wear your scarfs, just know that its not rocket science just have fun with it be uniquely you.

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