Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Hair Style with Bangs

bangs1 Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Hair Style with Bangs

Before you wear a hair style with bangs think about which style will look the best on your face shape. Hair stylist take this step very seriously. Bangs are not easy to cover up if not cut right. So take a minute to discover the different variations of a bang.

You have the classic bang, which is the sideswept bang. This style, like shown on J Lo, Nicole Richie, and Ashley Olsen above, is very easy to do and works with practically anyone. I like this look do to its versatility.

The trendy brow-skimming heavy bangs of today, is quite a comfort look. This bang hairstyle is great for people who may have a larger than “average” forehead. Tyra loves to wear this style. It also looks great on long oval-shaped faces like Naomi Campbell because it gives the face a better balance.

short bangs Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Hair Style with Bangs

The most daring of them all is short cropped bangs. These bangs, like shown above with Rosario Dawson, Alyssa Milano, Cyndi Lauper, Kellee Stewart, Alfre Woodard, and Christina Ricci, are not for everyone. You have to make sure if it fits for your forehead. If you have a “average” size forehead, cropping the bang very short, like Alyssa Milano and Cyndi Lauper, will be ok if you have the right stylist. But for larger foreheads, I would go with short bangs like Rosario Dawson and Christina Ricci. This type of bang will help take away some of the area of the forehead.

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