Daily Fashion “Glam” Tip: Face Shape Hairstyle

 Daily Fashion Glam Tip: Face Shape Hairstyle

Tip of the day Face Shape Hairstyle styling guide. A big question that many want the answer to is: “How to style my hair for may face shape?” Any hairstyle will not work. Take these ideas for a starter guide.

1. For a round shape face keep in mind to minimize roundness by creating less volume around the face.

2. A square shape face want to draw attention away from your angular jaw. Go with texture hairstyles such as choppy ends and lots of curls.

3. An oval face shape can wear just about any hairstyle, so just have fun with your hair and accentuate some of your best face features.

4. For long oblong face shapes remember one thing, add width. You want full hairstyles and haircuts that has lots of volume.

5. The heart shape face has that pointy chin that seems to draw all the attention. So to take away from that, bring out your eyes by wear side-swept bangs.

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