Cornrow Styles for Men – Rebellious and Rhythmic

cornrow Cornrow Styles for Men   Rebellious and Rhythmic

cornrow 61 Cornrow Styles for Men   Rebellious and RhythmicWho likes Cornrow styles for men? Is cornrow braids sexy on a man, or is it too much of a thug style? I personally think cornrows are sexy on a man, as long as he’s groomed right.

NBA basketball player Allen Iverson wears braids well. He is a perfect example of sexy braids on a man. He always keep them fresh even when he has to go sweat it out on the court. Just Hot!

Cornrow Braid Styles-Best Served During Your 20s

But I do think there is a time at a certain age when braids on a man is not fitting. It then looks like they are trying to be young or cannot seem to accept the fact that they are not as young as they think they are. Although if you wear it well, I think an older man may be able to get away with braids, maybe someone like Will Smith. I think Will looks great with just about any look. He is so sexy.

But I do think that cornrows are becoming a form of art and expression for men. The styles are very creative and stars like R. Kelly, Ludacris, and Omarion has made it very popular. People are now adding dollar signs, stars, and other symbols in the braid design.

I would like to see Omarion with a short cut in a grown man look, however he is very hot with his braids. I just do not like when he wears all that hair out. Now that’s not sexy. Check out these braid designs for some examples of creative cornrow updo styles for men. Just Make sure you have a professional stylist braid your hair. And get your edge trimmed up for a clean and finished look.

Corn rows will probably not lose their popularity anytime soon.  Hair styles for men have always been a bit short circuited in comparison to what women can acceptably due with their crowning glory.  Short hair, buzzed hair, shaggy hair, crew cuts and white side walls seem to have been the extent of modern man’s image; except for the period of time during the sixties when men grew their hair out, hoping to look like Jesus.

With corn rows, they can express themselves in a variety of ways and let their hair grow without being referred to as the shaggy dog.  They can bundle the braids back, let them swing from their shoulders, and decorate them with a variety of beads.  The great part is, once the labor of love has braided all their locks into place, they can wash and go and never have to tell their girlfriends, “don’t muss my hair.”

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