The Unofficial (But Comprehensive!) Ciara Hair Gallery

I know I went in on Ciara in the last post but, it’s nothing personal. That ponytail just didn’t fit her. Period. I went through and found more pictures of her and decided to go ahead and create a hair gallery. You guys can decide what look fits her best.

The Big Gallery of Ciara’s Big Hair

naturally curly haircuts 14 The Unofficial (But Comprehensive!) Ciara Hair Gallery

Ciara’s Dark Hair

One of the sexiest hairstyles Ciara has rocked lately is the dark hair look. After more than a year of rocking blonde hair, the star switched to a darker look and it worked well for her. With just a couple of blonde highlights, the dark style is flattering and helps draw the eye to her strong cheekbones and intense eyes.

When asked why she chose to go dark, Ciara said, “I’ve had the blonde hair for so long, and I got to  the point where I really needed a change, and the timing of fall worked out because I do like changing my hair with the season. I wanted to go darker, but I still liked the energy that the blonde gave me, so I infused the two ideas together.”

ciara blonde highlights ponytail hair gallery 1 The Unofficial (But Comprehensive!) Ciara Hair Gallery

Ciara’s Blonde Bob

When the beautiful singer decided to go blonde with an edgy Bob hairstyle, the radical change from her signature lengthy tresses set tongues to wagging all over the fashion industry. With a trendy, rough hewn look, the Bob emphasized her strong jaw line and gave the singer more of an edgy, out of the box look.

“I wanted to do something that was fashion-forward and fresh by mixing a bit of rocker edge with some old-school hip hop flare,” the singer said, when asked about the edgy cut.

Other Styles

While rocking the blonde coloring, Ciara has sported every casual to formal style imaginable. The first, a short, straight casual style is that of a classic Bob. While simple and traditional, this hairstyle allowed the singer a style centered on easy maintenance and quick styling.

As time passed, the short, straight casual style evolved into a medium, straight casual style. In my opinion, this is the sexiest style worn by the star in past months. With shoulder length tresses, jagged end cuts and blow-waved styling, this cut framed her face perfectly and worked great for any casual occasion.


Ciara Short Hair

 Ciara-Short-Pixie-Haircutciara-short-hairciara hairstyles short layered pixie cut

Ciara Medium Length Hairstyles




Ciara Bangs




Ciara Straight Hair

(I so love this look on her!)

ciara-wigCiara-Straight-Hairstyleciara-straight-part-adidasciara hairstyles long hair style with blonde highlights

Ciara Wavy Hair



Ciara Curly Hair 2013

Of course, as the length of her hair changed, so did Ciara’s formal style options. While short, Ciara used a wavy, formal style to create waves all through the sides and back of her hair. This gave her hair plenty of bounce and movement.

Once the length of her hair reached her shoulders, Ciara used a blow-wave technique to achieve a wavy, full-bodied look that worked well in any formal situation.







While the star has rocked several different color / style combinations, one thing is clear – she has a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t. While several stars struggle with what hairstyle to choose, Ciara simply knows. Her sense of style is impeccable and she is a great role model for any young woman looking to create an elegant, yet edgy look.

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