Is the Chris Brown and Drake Feud Over?

In a complete one-eighty, Chris Brown and Drake reportedly set aside their major differences to collaborate on a new recording. A photo from Drake’s website Word on Road show the two hip hop stars standing side by side. Knowing their past, this marks a huge milestone in the rocky relationship between the two feuding music titans.

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In the photo, Chris Brown appears to be singing (or shouting) as Drake listens intently at his die. Both stand in front of a large mix table with double cups in hand. They are reportedly at the home studio of music producer Mally Mall, who has worked with other hip hop stars like French Montana.

This will not be the first time the two stars have collaborated. In 2009, Drake and Chris Brown recorded and released “Deuces.” Despite the songs success, tension over music, violent outbursts, lawsuits, and relationship jealousies soured the two to each other.

The Chris Brown and Drake Feud

The two have been longtime rivals stemming from their relationship with singer Rihanna. Chris Brown famously dated the singer first with Drake picking up the pieces after a myriad of breakups. She has continued to bounce back and forth between the stars throughout the last six years until this spring when Drake and Rihanna announced their split.

In 2012, a shouting match between the two turned violent as the pair’s teams clashed in W.i.P. Nightclub in New York City. Bottles flew as the rappers and their bodyguards and entourages fought. In addition to major property damage to the club, several people were badly injured including basketball star Tony Parker. Both sides duked it out in courts to try to lay blame on who instigated the fight. The club owners also sued but lost after a judge threw out the case against the artists.

A New Start

All the drama seems to be behind them now as the two are primed to turn old feuds into dollars and marketing gold. It is reported that the stars came together to work on Chris Brown’s newest album. Drake has signed on to produce, but he will also be featured on some of the tracks. Music fans everywhere are highly anticipating a Brown and Drake duo in hopes that their lyrics will shed light on their relationships with Rihanna.

In fact, while Drake remains quiet on his recent breakup with the popstar, many sources are saying that the end of their relationship came when Drake showed interest in working with her Chris Brown. Rihanna outwardly expressed anger over Drake’s new friendship with Brown and tried to keep the two from working together or collaborating on any project.

Outside of the studio, the two continue to pursue a working relationship with other, non-music projects that have all of Hollywood talking. In Drake’s sketch comedy video for the 2014 Espy Awards, Chris Brown makes an appearance as a surgeon trying to kill Drake in order to take over hosting duties. The two were also seen making nice at the iHeartRadio Music festival back in June.

Could this be the end of a major feud and the start of something beautiful between the two stars? Only time will tell if a Chris Brown and Drake collaboration survives outside of the recording studio. If it does, fans will be clamoring to hear the two work out their differences (and perhaps talk a bit about Rihanna) in song.

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