Celebrity Looks You Don’t Want to Copy

Let’s be honest. Every celebrity has a bad hair or makeup day and we all kinda love it when they screw up. With all their money, excess and free access to the latest in everything, they should be getting it right most of the time. But no, they don’t always look sharp and the repeat offenders entertain us even more with their constant bad hair and makeup choices. Here are some of the worst looks that you’ll never want to copy.

ChristinaAguilera wrong 239x300 Celebrity Looks You Dont Want to Copy

Christina Aguilera is no stranger to controversial outfits and has a penchant for bold hair and makeup. But this must’ve been done last minute at Tamika’s Quick Braids Drive-Thru. Given her constant hair changes, it’s a wonder she still has hair on her head.

katyperrywrong 200x300 Celebrity Looks You Dont Want to Copy

Can’t help but think of Betty Rubble. Too much blue. Like she did a quick dye job at home that didn’t take and tried to correct it with blue. She’s so striking in her signature dark hair. Katy, what were you thinking?


Looking like a cross between Elvis and Duckie from “Pretty in Pink”, Alicia Keys failed to impress with this avant-garde do. There are better ways to add a few inches to your height, Miss Keys.


Ah Kelis, the hair chameleon. It wasn’t Halloween but she still dressed up for the occasion. The only positive is her hair colour that accentuated her skin tone. It would take a lot to detract from her beauty, but this getup is summed up in one word: creepy.


Another questionable choice. Well, many, within this one look. Did she really look in the mirror before leaving the house? What’s with the feather-comb-scrunchie? Everything is so bold, there’s no focal point. The top reminds me of the dowdy part of the 90s, complete with Hammer pants, shoulder pads and short double breasted jackets.


Rihanna’s attempt at some multiple messy buns. Or maybe too lazy to smooth down her edges? Whatever it was, it just did not work.


This time, the colour was bizarre and the hairstyle….well, bizarre. Are the rollers still in there? Did the stylist forget to take them out?

TyraBanks wrong

Tyra Banks , great lipstick and the eye shadow colours are a good choice…but did she do her makeup in the back of a dark limo? It’s simply overkill. Not as bad as that permanently startled expression of someone with thick, fake eyebrows. But scary nonetheless.

Which of these looks is worst? Or, would you try any of them?

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