Cassie’s New Hairstyle

cassienewhairstyle3 255x300 Cassies New Hairstyle

Cassie is so very boring. I’m know I’m not alone when I say that. Everything about her is kinda BLAH! She is so average. I guess someone told her she’d gain a lot of attention if she chopped half of her hair off. Whomever told her that was right. Before she did that no one cared about anything she did. Lets go from I guess 2006 when she came out until now.

cassienewhairstyle2 206x300 Cassies New Hairstyle

Never in a million years would I have thought Cassie would become a trendsetter. She went from BLAH to BOMBSHELL with a simple haircut.

See the difference?!

Amazing. Right?! Cassie looked beautiful with her hair like this. So cute and orignial. She became one of my favs until she stepped out with her new hair do…

You’re no longer that OFFICIAL Girl!

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