Cassie Inspired Hairstyle!

cassiehairstyle Cassie Inspired Hairstyle! 

Like I said in the previous post-

Who knew Cassie would become a trendsetter (if only for a few months)?! I sure didn’t.

I’m going to add Kelis first because, she is the FIRST to have this hairstyle. Some of you might ask why I’m doing all this about Cassie if Kelis was the first. Well, here goes your answer… Its very simple actually- Kelis didn’t make this DOPE. Cassie did. Whenever people comment on my hair they say something about Cassie or Rihanna (idk why Rihanna) never Kelis. I’m aware that she was the FIRST and she is aware that is the FIRST so, we’re good here. Anyway, check out all the flicks below!


cassieinspiredhairkelis Cassie Inspired Hairstyle!

Alice Dellal

Lala Vasquez-Anthony

Willow Smith

Carmen Electra


Briana Cartwright (1/2 of J* Davey)

Melody Eshani

Keyshia Cole 


Mel B.

Now, for some non-celebrities who were inspired by Cassie & Kelis.!/

Comments Please… Who (if anybody) missed the mark and who NAILED it?!

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