Buzzed Haircuts for Women

buzzed haircuts for women Buzzed Haircuts for Women

buzzed haircuts for women

Lately buzzed haircuts for women have been getting popular in the United States. The furthest I can trace the trend back to is Britney Spears when she went borderline nuts and cut herself bald. That was crazy but as it grew back it was actually kinda cute. Apparently I’m not the only one with this opinion because women nationwide are picking up clippers or visiting their local hair dresser for the look. As you can see above there are a couple of different ways to wear this style cut. I believe your character and confidence will decide just how good you will look. Men in the military services are use to this but it’s something fairly new in fashion in 2008. The hairstyles were kinda pushed on Pop Stars in the eighties so this is just a recycle. If you have the guts go for it.

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