Busting 5 African American Hair Myths

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  1. Water is Enemy #1 – Nothing could be further from the truth. In its natural state, Afro-textured hair’s tight coils prevent it from benefitting from the sebum that is secreted from the scalp. Sebum helps lubricate and protect the hair shaft. Due to the naturally curly texture of African American hair, the sebum doesn’t travel all the way down to the ends so a proper moisture level keeps your hair from breaking or splitting. So water is one of hair’s best friends. Drink up, moisturize and watch your hair thrive.
  2. Black hair grows slower than other hair–Hair grows at a rate of about ½ inch per month across all ethnicities but often, breakage due to damaged ends can make it seem as though the hair just isn’t growing, or is stuck at a permanent length. Typical length nears the shoulders were friction against the ends of the hair will contribute more breakage.
  3. Adding grease to the scalp will boost growth – Wrong. Thick, so-called “moisturizers” will only add a layer of film to your scalp, clogging your pores and hair follicles. Grease will also trap dirt, dust, dandruff or Malassezia which can further aggravate the scalp.
  4. Black hair is thicker than other hair – Tight, curly or coily hair looks naturally thicker because the curls give the illusion of volume. Add some shrinkage to the mix and natural African American hair automatically wins in the “Big Hair” department. The truth is that the bends and twists in curly hair have a smaller diameter than the rest of the hair shaft and more importantly, the diameter of Black hair tends to be slightly smaller than its Caucasian or Asian counterparts.
  5. Black hair is stronger than other hair – Tight, curly or coily hair is dryer and has a lower concentration of sulphur. It’s also drier due to the lack of sebum so it’s in fact more fragile than other types of hair and needs a constant balance of moisture and protein to keep it strong and healthy. Use whichever combination of products that works best for you and avoid alcohols that will dry your hair out and products like mineral oil and petroleum jelly that will dull your hair and prevent added moisture from being absorbed.

There are other hair myths out there – which do you hear most often?

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