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Thinking of going natural but not sure where to start? With so much information floating around online, it’s easy to get frustrated. And if you don’t know where to start, you’ll soon find that there’s a lot to preaching the virtues of keeping your hair chemical-free.

We’ve scouted online and found the best natural hair vloggers to get your started. Some of them were fed up with their relaxed hair falling out so they big chopped; others gradually transitioned and grew out their hair while slowly chopping off the relaxed ends.  Some fell into it by accident after wearing protective styles over a few months and then decided to experiment with their hair.  Soon, they found themselves completely natural and haven’t looked back.

No matter their path to relaxer freedom, these ladies are sharing invaluable information online and many of us would’ve been lost without their individual insights.  Their videos inform and educate, make us laugh and keep us motivated in our natural hair journeys. Here are the superstars:

Alicia James who is also a musician
Naptural85 shares recipes, styling and fashion tips.
Kimmaytube who also sells her own line of hair care products and accessories, LUV Naturals .
UrbanBushBabes where Nikisha and Cipriana dish on their individual journeys and blog here .
African Export who gives it to your straight, through her videos and her blog.
LongHairDontCare Nik Scott who also shares her knowledge on her blog.
WhoIsSugar who loads up on tutorials and shares her regular fashion segments “Outfit of the Day”.
SimplYounique the styling chamelon with a million and one ways to do your do.

If you’re already natural, just a few minutes with any of these ladies will arm you with some new knowledge. But be forewarned, like any video watching marathon, you’ll want to set a timer because these videos are addictive.

Have you thought of going natural? What’s holding you back?

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