Autobiography of Martha Stewart

autobiography of martha ste Autobiography of Martha Stewart

autobiography of martha stewart

The autobiography of martha stewart is right out of a fairy tale being that she is a certified billionaire that is self made. She was born on the day of August 3rd in 1941 as Martha Kostyra. Of all places her birth date was in the city of Nutley, New Jersey.Bet you didn’t know she use to be a model. She actually started out at the age of 13 which is pretty common for models. To sum her life up Martha attended Barnard College in Manhattan, Got a degree in European and architectural history, got married, had a daughter and even worked on Wall Street.

The juicy part is that she trained herself on food catering from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Then the entrepreneur started her own gourmet catering business which quickly grew into a million dollar business. With that success she went world wide with cook book publications and more. Martha got involved in many different business ventures that eventually threw her financial status into the billion dollar mark.

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