Alicia Keys Life Story

alicia Alicia Keys Life Story

alicia1 Alicia Keys Life Story

Alicia Keys Life Story – Summed up Alicia Keys Life Story is an interesting story about a young woman who was destine to be a star. Alicia Keys life is a successful tale of a talented and gifted woman. She was born Alicia Augello-Cook in Manhattan. Her Italian and Irish mother, Teresa “Terria” Augello, was paralegal and a part-time actress and raised her a single mom. Her father was a flight attendant and a Jamaican named Craig Cook.

Alicia started playing the piano at age 7 and learned how to play classical music by Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin. Graduating from the Profession Performing Art School in Manhattan as valedictorian, she was only 16 finishing school in 3 years. She decide not to go to college to pursue her music career, even though she was offered a scholarship.

She first signed with Jermaine Dupri, but it did not work out. Later signed with Clive Davis and made hits with her first album “Songs In A Minor”. From that point was the beginning of the mega pianist, singer-songwriter, and actress she is today.

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