Adam Richman Instagram Fight Leads to Show Being Axed

medium 6202016169 199x300 Adam Richman Instagram Fight Leads to Show Being AxedCelebrity and television stars beware– it’s not just regular folks who need to be conscious of what they do and say on social media. For stars in the limelight, what you share on social media may just come back to haunt you and may even destroy your future. For Travel Channel and former Food Network Star, Adam Richman, his June tirade against fans of his Instagram page proved to be too much drama for his networks.

Adam Richman’s Instagram War Gone Viral

Adam Richman’s soon-to-be premiered Travel Channel show, “Man Finds Food” was officially canceled after Richman lashed out at his critics and fans. It all began when Richman posted a picture on his Instagram of him in an old, ill-fitted suit. The star of food gorging shows like “Man V Food” has always been known for a larger stomach to match his seemingly unsurmountable appetite. However, he has been quick to show off his recent impressive weight loss via his social media pages.

In the caption for the picture, Richman wrote, “Had ordered this suit from Saville Row tailor over a year ago. Think I’m gonna need to take it in a little… #thinspiration.” The use of the hashtag led some fans to point out to a seemingly clueless Richman that “thinspiration” is a popular phrase used by many teenagers and young adults to inspire or motivate their eating disorders. It’s often associated with pictures of skin-and-bone or rail thin models.

Richman’s response to the fan’s reactions was all but professional. In regards to his use of the hashtag, he used the vulgar acronym “DILLIGAF.” From there, it escalated quickly with one fan getting the majority of Richman’s lashing. The fan later admitted that having suffered from eating disorders and self esteem issues prompted her messages to Richman. Richman, however, was relentless. In one extremely tactless comment, he told a perturbed fan to kill herself with a razor. When asked to apologize for his comments and the use of the hashtag, Richman adamantly refused.

As word and attention spread to Richman’s Instagram page and other social media outlooks, he quickly realized that there was no coming back from his aggressive rants at his fans. He deleted the photo and comments and issued an apology on his Twitter page. Later in the week, he released a media statement that said, “I’ve long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. I’m incredibly sorry to everyone I’ve hurt.”

The new home for Richman’s show responded to the outcry of fans by quickly canceling the show and taking the unaired episodes off of its schedule. The network also took down any advertisement, release, or mention of it from the Travel Channel’s website and marketing programs in an effort to distance themselves from the scandal.

A Second Chance?

Despite Travel Channel releasing Adam Richman’s new show, NBC will continue to go forward with the production and airing of his other new show, “Food Fighters.” The reality show, which premiers in late July, has Richman as a host of a cooking competition. Amateur home cooks compete against a host of professional chefs with the winner taking home a grand prize of $100,000.

While some major networks are still willing take a gamble with Richman and his new shows, only time will tell if the general public will forget his viral rants on his Instagram page and continue to flock to his work. Hopefully, Richman will learn that in order to keep fans, you have to play nice and mind your manners– even on your personal social media.

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