5 Tips for Braid Extensions

braid extensions 334 5 Tips for Braid Extensions

Braid extensions can be a great option for your hair, especially during transitional periods. However, just like any other extensions, if you aren’t careful and don’t use them correctly there could be some unpleasant side effects. See the list below for tips on how to use your braid extensions!

  1. If your braids start to hurt, they are probably on too tight. Make sure to let your braider know about the pain and have them stop immediately. If you are already home, you might have to remove them altogether.
  2. Don’t wear heavy extensions. They will pull at your scalp and hair roots. The same goes for the types of hairstyles you choose to wear — don’t allow anything that causes tension at the scalp.
  3. Make sure you re-do your braids every six weeks.
  4. Once you remove your braids, give your natural hair a couple of days to breathe before putting the extensions back in.
  5. When you are letting your natural hair breathe, make sure to give it a nice deep condition. The chemicals in extensions can often cause your hair to dry out.

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