5 Hot Braided Updos You Have to Try

Wear your hair naturally and with pride with the help of these braided up-dos. Think outside the box! Put your hairstyling skills to the test and sport your perfectly coiffed hair on your next night out. After scouring the web, I’ve found 5 hot braided up-dos that will give your everyday look a little lift!

Quick Twisted Updo

Quite possibly the easiest updo, this style is cute and uncomplicated enough for even the most novice of braiders. It only takes a few minutes to complete and the result is great for elegant affairs such as weddings or to simply keep your hair off your shoulders on a hot summer day. To accomplish this simple updo, start with either dirty hair or hair with product in order to have enough texture. Start by dividing your hair into two equal sections and tie or clip it one way, then begin to twist away from your face. Continue by picking up a small piece of hair from below and add it to the twist while working downward toward your neck. Once you have incorporated all the hair, wrap the twisted end into a small bun and repeat on the other side.

Easy Headband Updo

Another quick and easy braided updo style is that of the easy headband updo. Perfect for hot weather, this style doesn’t slide around as much as some of the other updos. To begin, center part your hair, then put in an elastic headband. After that, twist your hair under and around the headband. Next, pin the hair and place and you’re finished. This is a great style if you’re in a hurry.

Top Knot

This style is a little more sophisticated than some of the other updo styles, but just as easy to create as the Quick Twisted Updo. Start with a high ponytail, but don’t pull the hair all the way through the rubber band. Twists the section of hair not caught by the rubber band and wrap it around the base of the little loop of hair just created. Lastly, simply use bobby pins to hold the bun in place and smile – you’re done with updo braids!

Chic Chignon

A unique side updo, this is one of the cutest braided styles you will find anywhere. To create this look, start by creating a low side part over one eyebrow. Once that is completed, pull the hair into a low side ponytail (opposite side of your part) and secure it with clear elastic. After securing the ponytail, create a rope braid and divide the hair into two sections, which will then be crossed over each other. After finishing the braid, secure it with clear elastic before pulling it back up and around itself. Once the other steps are complete, secure the results with bobby pins.

Simple Gibson Tuck

While simple and casual, this is a great updo for those on the run. Start with a standard ponytail then gently pull on it as if you were going to take it out. Use your finger to wiggle a small gap or nest. Next, twist the ponytail around your finger and roll it into the nest just created. Keep rolling until a ponytail holder can be tucked flush against your scalp and use bobby pins to hold in place.

All five of these updos are creative ways to braid beautiful hair. Depending on the situation and circumstance, one of the options mentioned should work well for you and help keep lengthy hair under control.

5 Sexy Updo Styles to Consider

braided updo 1 5 Hot Braided Updos You Have to Try

Cornrow the sides and let your inner femme-fatale shine with a pouf at the top.

braided updo 2 979x1024 5 Hot Braided Updos You Have to Try

Jada Pinkett-Smith sported this funky and fresh braided updo on the red carpet. Knot chunks of braids on the top of your head allow the rest to flow freely.

braided updo

Alicia Keys was queen of the braids when she first hit the scene. Here, she has cornrowed her scalp and curled the rest of her hair in a ponytail with a few small braids mixed in.

braided updo

If you are really feeling ambitious, have your hair cornrowed into a Mohawk, for your choice of unusual hairstyles braids.

braided updo

This half-updo is fun and youthful with a zigzag part and lots of body on top.


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