5 Controversial Music Videos That Shook The World

Lady Gaga, R. Kelly: ‘Do What U Want’ (2013)

Lady Gaga and controversy is quite synonymous. From her style to her music video, there is not a thing that would not remind you that it is her ‘own’. Her recent scandal is related to a recently leaked clip from the music video “Do What U Want”. Keeping her trend intact, Gaga once again made the video an exhibition of bizarre and inflaming contents.


Madonna: ‘Like A Prayer’ (1989)

To create a great chaos in people’s mind, gore and nudity are not always the preconditions. Just combine church and sex, the most debated taboo of all societies since the beginning, like Madonna did in her ‘Like A Prayer’.


2 Live Crew: ‘Me So Horny’ (1989)

The album ‘As Nasty As They Wanna Be’ was full of so many vulgarities that it was one of the first few albums to be released with the Parental Advisory sticker. Afterwards, the album was banned in Florida, the home state of the group.


Nine Inch Nails: ‘Happiness in Slavery’ (1992)

The gory imageries showed throughout the video gives a legit reason why it was banned in the first place. “Supermasochist” Bob Flanagan fuelled the video with his already known controversy. And what was that? He penetrated his penis with a nail.


Pearl Jam: ‘Jeremy’ (1992)

Jeremy Delle, the man who killed himself in front of his entire class, influenced the story of the video. The notorious video eventually bagged many awards; however, it is widely believed that it was responsible for a school shooting back in 1996. Though it resulted in an outrage among parents, the video was not banned.


Marilyn Manson: ‘(s)AINT’ (2003)

As like as any other Marilyn Manson videos before, this one also has had everything in it. Nevertheless, ‘(s)AINT’ is said to have surpassed any other previous works by the controversial band. What was not there in that video – blood, extensive nudity, drugs, gore?


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