Candice Swanepoel steals the show in gold!

2014 Fall Fashion Guide: Wear it with Style Today!

It is that time of the year when the chill in the air starts to make its presence felt and the charm of fall starts to slowly wane. Even if you are a touch late with getting on the Fall/Winter fashion ride, worry not! There is still plenty of time to carry those chic prints and trendy seasonal hues in the weeks ahead. Today, we…

short hair

New Twists on Classic Short Hairstyles for Women

Looking for some classic short hairstyles for women? Short hair has long been the rage amongst celebrities and stylists. From Jennifer Aniston’s not-so-Rachel double-layered crop and Hilary Duff’s edgy short look to Katy Perry’s mid-chin dye-job, celebrities know that the short haired look is the way to go for an easy to manage look that can be transformed from rocker chic to classic diva in…

fans who go too far

Fans Who Go Too Far

Country music Tim McGraw got himself into a lot of heat after a video of him slapping a fan made its rounds on celebrity gossip magazines. However, the situation is really not what it seems. While we tend to think of celebrities as the instigators, McGraw’s fan assault shows that with most cases, it is the fans who go too far. In the video released…

eBay Counterfeit Lawsuit Gives More Reasons to Shop Safe

Are you searching for designer accessories or clothing for a bargain? More than likely, you have visited eBay to try to score some great deals. If you’re like most discerning fashionistas, you probably had a hard time pulling the trigger on an item that could be a counterfeit. Have no fear! You can rest assured that your purchases are genuine as eBay works with designers…

How to Make a Scarf Your Signature Style Accessory


Walking down the streets of Paris, you cannot help but notice one fashion accessory that seems to transcend both style and age– the scarf. The scarf has long been a an icon of ladies fashion, but it has certainly lost its luster over the years. Here in the United States, women tend to forsake the poor scarf as a winter-only accessory, but a couple of…

celebrity birthday

Top 5 Celebrity Birthday Bashes

Being rich and fabulous certainly has its perks. When it comes to celebrating birthdays in style, the sky’s the limit for the party hosts. Even celebrity children get the red carpet rolled out for the them on their big day. From outrageous themes, to pricey gifts and luxury cakes; these five celebrities take birthday bashes to the next level. Top 5 Celebrity Birthday Parties 6….

chris brown and drake

Is the Chris Brown and Drake Feud Over?

In a complete one-eighty, Chris Brown and Drake reportedly set aside their major differences to collaborate on a new recording. A photo from Drake’s website Word on Road show the two hip hop stars standing side by side. Knowing their past, this marks a huge milestone in the rocky relationship between the two feuding music titans. In the photo, Chris Brown appears to be singing…

How to Play Up Your Freckles


For far too long, men and women have been led to believe that freckles should be covered up or hidden. Beauty magazines are dominated with tips and tricks on how to conceal facial and body freckles. However, with stars and models like Emma Stone rising in popularity, freckles are once again ready to take the spotlight. Freckles Are Not the Enemy Freckles have long held…

adam richman instagram

Adam Richman Instagram Fight Leads to Show Being Axed

Celebrity and television stars beware– it’s not just regular folks who need to be conscious of what they do and say on social media. For stars in the limelight, what you share on social media may just come back to haunt you and may even destroy your future. For Travel Channel and former Food Network Star, Adam Richman, his June tirade against fans of his…

pitt and jolie

Pitt and Jolie Team Up Again

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are once again combining their talents on a joint feature film entitled By the Sea. The Universal Pictures produced drama will have Jolie directing and costarring with her husband. The film will mark the first time the couple have appeared onscreen in a movie together since Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Pitt and Jolie are almost synonymous with onscreen love affairs….

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